Civilian Employer Information (CEI)


Navigate to https://www.updatecei.org/submit/ to submit your Civilian Employer Information (CEI).


Please Note: Army Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve Navy Reserve, and Coast Guard Reserve, continue to report CEI information through your respective service.


Yes, it's mandatory

We know that life in the National Guard can get busy. But don’t let that be the reason you don’t submit your Civilian Employer Information to the Department of Defense. Based on the information you submit annually, defense officials will know whom they can call to active duty without putting civilian jobs at risk.

Reporting your CEI not only influences your chances of being called to active duty, it is used to determine whether your unit or unit members should be mobilized, as well as to ensure that you aren’t on active duty beyond the time the Department of Defense needs you to serve. It also provides NGB Employment Support with information that can make helping you through employment issues much easier.

Guidance from NGB leadership:

According to DoDI 8410.01, Morale, Welfare, and Armed Services Exchanges  may operate non-.mil domains. A DoD Component may be represented through a non-.mil or non-.gov domain when participating in a public-private partnership information system where most of the content is non-government, but where the government shares data and shares in the funding. Additionally, according to DoD 5500.07-R (Reference (k)) websites and other DoD domains exclusively used by DoD (such as .mil) may not be used to advertise or market private individuals, commercial firms, corporations, or not-for-profit firms, and must not imply in any manner that DoD endorses or favors any specific commercial or not-for-profit product, commodity, or service.


This DoD IT system (with all its non-.mil domains and points of access) has passed a rigorous DoD Risk-Management-Framework audit (RMF), and has been granted an Authorization To Operate (ATO).


What happens if I don’t submit my CEI?

Submitting your CEI is mandatory! National Guard members who forget or refuse to submit their information (or submit false employment information) can be subject to administrative action or punishment (Article 92, Uniform Code of Military Justice). Moreover, if a business or public agency – like fire stations, hospitals, or police departments – must cope with multiple employees serving in the military at once, the impact on the local community can be severe.

Here’s what you can expect to provide:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • DOD ID
  • Employer information (job title, employer address, contact information, etc.)

It’s secure, it’s easy, and it’s for your benefit.

Not sure what to fill in? Follow these steps:

Once logged into JSS, fill in fields depending on your employment status:

  • Unemployed: Select Unemployed from the Employment Type drop-down. Complete the form with the end date for your most recent position or check Never Employed. Be sure to enter your DOD ID. 
  • Student: Select Student from the Employment Type drop-down. Complete the form with the details of your most recent position. Be sure to enter your DOD ID. Use the Position Information search to look up the appropriate position code.
  • Employed: Select Employed from the Employment Type drop-down. Complete the form with the details of your current position. Be sure to enter your DOD ID. Use the Position Code drop-down to look up the appropriate position code.


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Make changes where necessary, then be sure to click the Confirm button to accept and confirm your information.