National Guard Employment Support Program


What is ESP?


The Joint National Guard Employment Support Program is vital in supporting our National Guard Service members in finding meaningful careers and job opportunities as they face the challenges of military life, whether mobilized or in a steady state posture.  Having this “joint” program in the Joint Force Headquarters-State since 2004, underscores this as The Adjutant General’s program, which is critical for success.  

 A strong Employment Support network has been organized in each state and territory with a Program Support Specialist (PSS), and reinforced by partnership with other government agencies, private partnerships, and a synergistic relationship with National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. This Army and Air partnership and coordination assures that all units and states can readily communicate with each other, and helps resolve issues with employers. .

At the state level, the JFHQ houses the Employment Support Program. Additional resources and programs leveraged by Employment Support are often co-located at the JFHQ-State, or tied into it in some way.  Many of these partners are able to reach across Service cultures and touch our National Guard Families within their states. 

In addition the 55 Program Support Specialists are the primary resource in providing employments support/opportunities/options to Commanders, Soldiers, Airmen, and Families.  

They can serve as the TAG’s representative on employment issues within the state.

They Identify, plan, and delivers briefings for mobilization and deployment.

The Employment Support Program has expanded responsibilities recently to include: employment facilitation – Program Support Specialists have been recently trained utilizing the CASY-MSCCN case management system for consideration and implementation in their respective states


Mission and Strategy


Mission Statement:

NGB Employment Support customer focus: Provide employment opportunities and options to develop career ready service members, prepared/resilient family members, and successfully transitioned members integrated with their community.

Vision Statement 

Vision: Supporting the warfighter, the homeland, and developing partnerships by shaping legislation and policy and affecting outcomes that support the strategic integration of the National Guard in supporting the National Military Strategy through force readiness


Mr. Steven Kett, Director Employer Support

Steven Kett is the National Guard Bureau Director of Employer Support.  He comes to NGB after retiring as a Colonel in the Air Force.  His last position was as Reserve Component Chair and Dean of Students at the College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University.  He also has served in the Chairman's Office Joint Chiefs of Staff as the Director of Staff, National Guard and Reserve Matters, Strategic Plans and Programs and for the Secretary of the Air Force in Manpower and Reserve Affairs.  He also served as the Commander of the 302 Mission Support Group at Peterson Air Force Base. He has a Masters of Science Degree from the National Defense University and a Masters of Arts Degree in International Relations from Boston University.




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