SARC and SAPR VA Ethics Training







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The National Guard SAPR Program is pleased to announce the online launch of the Professional Ethics for Victims Services Training. This training is for Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs), Victim Advocates (VAs) and Victim Assistance First Responders. It is designed to provide you with the Ethics training required by the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program for re-certification. As a SARC or VA, you are required to receive a minimum of 2 hours of Ethics Training every 2 years in order to be re-certified.

To facilitate completion this training, the National Guard is making the required Ethics training available on-demand through JSS. You can access it anytime, anywhere from


Steps to complete the SAPR Ethics Training:


  1. Register for JSS:


Navigate to and click the Join JSS link at the top of the page.

Complete the registration form that appears and click the Register button to submit your registration.

For more information on completing the registration form, and submitting your registration, see JoiningJSS.pdf.

You will be notified via email of 1/ the successful receipt of your registration form and 2/ the approval of your registration by program leadership.

Why do I need to register for JSS?

In order to track course completion and issue your Ethics Training re-certification, JSS needs to know who you are! For this reason, you must access, view, and complete the Ethics Training courses as a logged-in JSS member.


  1. Login to JSS:


Once your JSS registration is approved, navigate to and login to JSS using the login credentials you set up during your registration.


  1. Navigate to NG Learning Resources:


On the JSS menu, click ‘NG Learning Resources’.


  1. Filter for SAPR courses:


From the eLearning page, select All Courses , then SAPR in the Category drop-down.


  1. Complete the SAPR Ethics Training:


Watch each module listed in turn.


IMPORTANT: Each video ends with a Course Completion slide. Be sure to allow the video to play until this slide appears so that your completion of the module will be tracked.




  1. Print your certificate:


When you have finished watching the Summary module, click ‘Print’ in the Certificate column to obtain your re-certification.