Family Readiness is Mission Readiness

Deployments can mean big change for Military Families. Knowing what to expect can help your Family meet deployment challenges while your loved one is away.

When a Loved One Deploys

As a military spouse or Family member, you make tremendous sacrifices, too. Seeing a loved one embark on a long separation isn’t easy, and you shouldn’t try to go it alone. That’s why the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program isn’t just for Service Members – it’s for Families too, providing services, resources, and information to help you handle deployment and weather the challenges that arise when there is one less parent, spouse or provider in your household due to deployment. In fact, During Deployment Events are made just for you.

Who qualifies as “Family”?

For purposes of attending a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event, Family includes the Service Member’s spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and/or significant others. Funding may not be available for all types of Family members, so it’s important to check with your Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Event Coordinator to:

a) see if you may attend as a Family member or Designated Individual, and

b) find out if your attendance will be funded.

Some things you can expect from attending a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event are:

  • Points of contact to valuable resources in your community
  • Coping strategies and tips for dealing with your loved one’s separation
  • Information about benefits and entitlements you may have earned through your loved one’s service
  • Connecting with other Families who share the same experiences
  • Awareness and information you can use as you help your loved one reintegrate into civilian life after deployment

In a special initiative for National Guard children, the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program has partnered with Sesame Street to bring “Listen, Talk, Connect” to local Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events! Learn more about Sesame Street’s military outreach program click here.

Attending a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event can strengthen your Family for the changes that occur while your loved one is deployed and after they return. To learn about the Deployment Cycle and how it may affect your Family, click here.


AfterDeployment.org provides information on a wide variety of topics. A few highlights are re-connecting with family and friends, kids and deployment, depression, anger, and stress management. Each topic has four components: Assessments (no personal identification required), Workshops, Spotlight Clips and Resource Library.


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