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partnering with Joining Community Forces to improve
the well-being of Service members, Families, and Veterans
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Our primary goal is to develop and strengthen Family assistance and raise awareness of Military and civilian
support networks in your local community. This site will continue to grow and evolve as we accommodate
the changing needs of communities across America.
National Guard Announces
New Joining Community Forces Partnership
with Corporation for National & Community Service
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As new challenges arise, new solutions must be found. Meet the needs of your military community with national tools and state best practices.

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Joining Community Forces (BG Watson)
Brigadier General Marianne E. Watson, the Director of Manpower and Personnel, J1, at the National Guard Bureau, describes mission and goals of the Joining Community Forces initiative.

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Our Mission: Maximize the impact of civilian and military resources to Service members, Families, and veterans; in order to build resilience and foster a community network that is both sustainable and relevant.

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